Diamond Painting Sealing Tips by Heather W.

Diamond Painting Sealing Tips by Heather W.

We received this email and photo from Heather W. and wanted to share with all our diamond painting friends!!
"I have done some research to solve some issues that are not addressed in anyone website or forums and I think you should share my results on your "tip" section. As you can see below in, this absolutely ADORABLE dragon,  they work
I have delved into my mental creative collective and found a way to solve several issues that are not addressed in anybody's instructions manuals. 

1. I modge podge each completed section to keep the drills from popping out when I go on to the next panels. Spending hours going in and replacing them was driving me nuts. 

2. Modge podge also keeps them from warping. The big one I did turned out horrible because of that. 

3. Doing each section on the diagonal INSTEAD of straight across like a typewriter also solved the warping issue. 

4. For section of the canvas that have no sticky I used rubber cement applied with a small paintbrush, of course. Because it is a similar type adhesive it works identically as the original. 

So maybe put these tips on your site? It would save alot of frustration. I have. Proved they work here and when I was seeking other answers I couldn't find any that addressed these particular issues. So I did the experaments and proved their worth and am sharing the results of hours of testing. If I ran your company, I would include this in your "tip" section."


THANKS, Heather! :)

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