Diamond Painting Tools: Which is Better...Pen or Tweezers?

Diamond Painting Tools: Which is Better...Pen or Tweezers?

Your Shimmer Stitch kit comes with both a pink pen that you load with pink wax as well as a pair of tweezers. So the question is... what is better to use for placing your square diamond drills? The answer: It's YOUR choice!

We provide both tools so you have options and can use what you are most comfortable with. Some painters like to use the tweezers to pick up a line of 2-4 drills at once and place them while others (like me!) do not have the patience and steadiness of hand to use the tweezers even to place one at a time. I personally prefer using the pink pens and placing one diamond drill at a time so that's what I do. Then I use the tweezers to remove an incorrect diamond or one that has fallen on my canvas and gotten stuck.

It's totally up to you which method you prefer to use with the tools but both are available to you so you can play around with them and decide your preference.


Need more tools? We have some extra diamond painting tools available for sale on our site and we also have a MEGA TOOL KIT available here.
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