Shimmer Stitch Exclusive Designs Printing Process

First 48 hours after order: design details are sent to our private overseas manufacturer (order is pending fulfillment)

Next 72 hours after order: design is printed on canvas with key, glue is applied to canvas, diamonds are weighed and sorted into plastic zipper bags with labels, tool kits are assembled, shipping label created.

Next 48 hours after kit is created: tracking information uploaded to our website and emailed to customer. (order is marked fulfilled)

Following 2 weeks: order is in transit to your mailbox during this time!  Tracking details do NOT update online until the package hits US soil so it will NOT have any information until this time.  

*** Tracking takes about 7-10 days after your order to appear on your account.  Tracking updates about 2-2.5 weeks after your order is placed once it hits US soil. Your item arrives around 2.5-3 weeks after order is placed and tracking is marked complete.

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