Dream Home (ROUND Diamonds)


*** LIMITED QUANTITIES available. Grab one of only 20 kits available. ***
Size: 14 inches x 59 inches

ROUND shaped diamond cut resin drills; full coverage diamond painting.  Complete diamond painting kit in your choice of size.  Includes all tools needed (adhesive canvas, colorful diamond drills, tweezers, drill pen, drill pen wax, sorting container).

Diamond Painting Complete Kit - Full Canvas Coverage with ROUND Diamonds

Shimmer Stitch is a proud family owned business in the USA specializing exclusively in diamond painting.

  • FREE US SHIPPING ON ALL KITS over $15.00: This kit ships FREE from the USA!
  • COMPLETE KIT FOR YOUR PROJECT:  Each kit from Shimmer Stitch includes a full drill canvas with labeled packaged diamonds, tweezers, a diamond pen, a wax pad for the pen, and the grooved tray. 
  • QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE & PRODUCTS:  Join our Facebook community to chat with other diamond painters who LOVE Shimmer Stitch. As a small business, we’re able to provide quality customer service and a GREAT product that we are VERY proud of!
  • COMPENSATED & CREDITED ARTISTS: Our kits are created by us from artists that have been compensated for their work and/or given credit for their creation and/or photos in the public domain and/or under Creative Commons License. We are so thankful to the many creative artists that have allowed us to turn their work into diamond paintings.  We do not believe in stealing other people's images without credit and compensation like many other diamond painting companies are currently doing.
  • MISSING DIAMOND GUARANTEE: If your kit arrives short on diamonds, we’ll send them out to you once at NO CHARGE.  We are human beings (YES!!) packaging each kit for you and sometimes errors occur. We stand behind our products 100% and will get diamonds to you quickly (usually a week or less!) We ship replacement diamonds to you from North Carolina.

Need help making a purchase?  Email me: support@shimmerstitch.com

Need English instructions and a video demonstration of diamond painting?  Click here for help.