Shimmer CLUB Special ~ Monthly Charge ~ ROUND Diamonds


Want to get a DEAL on your diamond paintings each month?  Plus other fun, free surprises in your mailbox!  

Join the Shimmer Club... plus for a LIMITED time, choose a FREE gift!

For just $34.97/month (automatic order every month starting today) you'll get YOUR choice of 16"x20" (40cm x 50cm) diamond painting with round diamonds including FREE shipping.  You'll receive the kit in your mailbox about 4 weeks after the payment is made each month since we ship factory direct.

Yes! You get to keep the price as long as you are a member!

Yes!  You get to choose the design each month.  ***For the first order today please write the current month and the name of the kit you'd like in the comments box on the cart page. If you don't want to choose, it can be a surprise from your wishlist!  

I'll pull one design off your wishlist from our site each month and surprise you with it.... be SURE you have a wishlist with the email address you're ordering with today. 

AND please be sure to remove kits from your wishlist once you purchase them or receive them from the club so you do not get a duplicate.

Yes!  You can cancel at any time with no cancellation fee.


Yes! You get something special every Tuesday night on our live shows!


** The club is currently OPEN again for new members but can close at ANY time without notice. Once you join, you can continue to stay as long as you'd like for the initial price you are locking in today. No cancellation fees. No requirements. Cancel any time by emailing:


Please note: using Paypal is not currently a payment option for the Club.

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